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Janet Daniels is a Texan living in Tennessee. Her expertise is recruiting and promoting. She is the cheerleader you have always wanted.


Before direct sales, Dana Phillips was a teacher so she can make the complicated simple to understand.


Neil Phillips grew up on a farm and has a PhD in communications. He is a builder and no one walks away without an AHA moment!


Mary McLoughlin, from THE Ohio State, is a strategic systems builder and loves to ask the questions that bring change.

Team Connections PRO is your go-to for immediate and ongoing access to:

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  • Diane N., Wine Shop at Home
    Working wth Team Connections taught me the skills I needed to offer the opportunity in new and different ways. My recruiting is up 50% this year!
    Diane N., Wine Shop at Home

We will teach you not just what to do but how to do it.

  • Sandy I., Wine Shop at Home
    After being in the business for five years I kind of thought I knew the formulas for success. Every single laser coaching call I get, I have new awareness and tools. Team Connections Pro has helped me identify and develop new leaders. Focusing on the activities that bring results is the secret and the coaches at TCPro help me do that.
    Sandy I., Wine Shop at Home
  • Brad W., J. Hilburn
    My favorite part is the one on one coaching session each month that is included with my membership. You help me focus my energies each month, and in the first 3 months of working together, my personal sales volume DOUBLED to over $10,000 a month and I earned the Rewards Trip to a beautiful resort with other top sellers and leaders of my company AND a Career Title Promotion.
    Brad W., J. Hilburn
  • I know there will be archived training, but will there ever be access to live training?
    YES! Most new content we create will be offered first as a live webinar or a live listen-in call, and then we'll record each one and archive it in TCPro. So, as a member, you can join us for the live recording (sometimes you can even drop your own questions into it), or wait for the archived version to be made available and check it out whenever you like.
  • If I sign up, can I cancel later? 
    Definitely. Our goal is to make this the most valuable, most useful resource you have as a direct seller, but if you need to cancel, then cancel. By becoming a member, you're not paying for any more than a month at a time. You can cancel anytime you like.  
  • Is TCPro for Party Plan Consultants or Network Marketers? 
    Both! Our coaches have had extensive experience in both areas. As you already know, the principles of success are pretty much the same in both styles. From time to time, we will offer training and resources specific to one over another. But just know that any direct seller will benefit from TCPro. 

  • How will my one-on-one coaching session work? How do I sign up? What should I expect? 
    Each month, you can register for a laser coaching session with one of our certified coaches. A laser coaching session lasts 15 minutes, and gives you quick and focused input and guidance from our coaches on a specific topic you want to cover. Your membership includes a coaching session every month. We will make an appointment scheduler available within the site, and you simply pick your time.

  • Sherida B., Tupperware
    TCPro has given me the extra tools I was looking for to help me pinpoint the areas in my business that were not the strongest. I plan to continue to use the material to strengthen all those areas. The areas that I spent the most time on so far are identifying leads and the webinar, Launch more Leaders. I needed that to see what I was not doing, so I could begin to put my promoting system in place. I’ve promoted 2 new Managers already this year and it’s the first time I’ve ever began the year with new Managers promoted before the end of January.
    Sherida B., Tupperware

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  • Barb B., Tupperware
    Using Team Connections Pro helps me keep the main thing the main thing. And when I do that, it works. In the past three years my business volume has doubled. My number of Directors doubled. My sales force count and entry level leaders have doubled. The content is remarkable.
    Barb B., Tupperware

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